EMP 3000 Vet

Veterinary Diagnostic Color Doppler Ultrasound system
By following the growing needs of different clinical applications, abundant
professional software packages for veterinary used are installed into EMP-3000 VET,
providing you the superior adaptability during any diagnosis.

System Specifications:
Net Weight: 65. 0kg
Dimensions: Length: 990 mm,
Width: 690 mm,
Height: 1200 mm
Display Language: Chinese/English/Russian/
Power Supply:
Input Voltage: AC 100V-242V
Input Power: 200 VA
Frequency: 60Hz/50Hz
Continuous Working Time >8h

Operation environment
Temperature: +5 ~+40
Relative humidity: ≤80%
Atmospheric pressure: 700hPa~1060hPa

Optional Probes
Convex Probe: 3.5CV
Linear Probe: 7.5LVS
Trans vaginal Probe: 6.5VMC
Micro Convex Probe: 3.5MC
Micro Convex Probe : 6.5MC

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