G30 Vet

G30Vet is a compact veterinary color doppler system, which has
professional measurement & calculation packages, specialized
veterinary exam modes, bodymarks, and high density
transducers for veterinary applications. These enable
veterinarians to diagnose at anytime and anywhere with great

The highly intuitive layout clusters 95 percent of your most
frequently-used keys around the trackball. Radiologists are able
to pay more attention to the patient with EMP’s ergonomic design.
EMP’s one-button design reduces at least 70% of operation time
and increases diagnostic efficiency.

Optional Probes
1.Convex Probe: 35C50L
2.Linear Probe: 70L40J
3.Linear Probe: 10L25K
4.Trans vaginal Probe: 65C10L
5.Micro Convex Probe: 35C20I
6.Micro Convex Probe : 65C15E
7.Phased array Probe: 30P16B
8.Endorectal probe: 55L60G

15″ LCD monitor with over 150°viewing
Backlit control keys and Qwerty keyboard
Low fan noise and heat
4 wheels swivel multi-functional trolley cart
3 probe connectors (with expanding
transducer connectors)
4 USB ports
Extended interface

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