G70 Vet

By following the growing needs of different clinical applications, abundant
professional software packages for veterinary used are installed into G70 VET,
providing you the superior adaptability during any diagnosis.


Control Panel
Switch Button
Alphanumeric Keys
Mode area
Gain control button
Function Keys
User-defined Keys: programmable function
8 segment TGC
Backlit Keyboard
Integrated Speakers

User Interface
Alphanumeric Keyboard with Backlight
8-Segment TGC
3 User Defined Keys: shortcut for easy access
to active parameter adjust

System Specifications:
15-inch LCD
Contrast & Brightness adjustable
Screen Saver: Time adjustable
Angle adjustable

Optional Probes
Convex Probe : 35C50K
Linear Probe : 75L40K
Linear Probe: 10L25J
Trans vaginal Probe: 65C10K
Micro Convex Probe: 65C15D
Micro Convex Probe: 35C20H
Volume Probe: 35D40J
Phased array Probe: 30P16A
Endorectal probe: 55L60H

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