N2 Vet

Streamline and Integrate Your Workflow
User-friendly keyboard and efficient workflow relieve the user from
trivial operation. The innovative hand-carried design is approximately 6.5Kg
including built-in battery. Wherever you need, N2 Vet can help.
One-key-push functions make imaging become an easy job: One
key optimal imaging, one key snap shoot storage, one key standard
Various storage possibilities: DICOM 3.0, USB 2.0 compliant, built-in
Built-in battery enables you to work anywhere.

Compact With Clear Image
With the patent and full digital technologies, the N2 Vet delivers
good resolution images and diagnostic confidence. N2 Vet is
a high cost-performance B/W ultrasoundscanner within your budget.
Patented speckle reduction technologies increase image resolution
and reduce the artifact.
THI, TSI Imaging
eSCI Spatial Compounding Imaging
eFCI Frequency Compounding Imaging


Main Unit
12″ LED Monitor
2 Transducer Connectors
4 USB Ports, 1 VGA, 1 RS232
2 Transducer Holders, 1 Coupling Gel Holder
300 Frames Cine Loop and Snapshoot Functions
Calculation and Measurement Software
Electronic Micro Convex Transducer (5.0-8.0MHz)

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